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Internal Critics of the World Bank and the IMF

A number of former World Bank employees, including former chief economist Joseph Stiglitz, publicly criticize both the World Bank and the IMF. Their voices add credibility and an "insider" perspective to worldwide opposition to the destructive orthodoxies of the two institutions. In response, the Bank has attempted to censor several leading employees and contractors who deviated from neoliberal models of growth, trade liberalization, and privatization.

General Analysis on Internal Critics of the World Bank and the IMF

This page provides articles, papers and other information on internal critics of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Joseph Stiglitz Page

This page posts articles by and on former World Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz, who has been an outspoken and respected critic of both the IMF and the World Bank since his resignation from the Bank in 1999.

Censorship at the World Bank: the Case of Ravi Kanbur

This page posts articles on Ravi Kanbur who resigned from the World Bank in 2000.



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