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General Analysis on Financing for Development

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Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals (January 17, 2005)

This report from the UN Millennium Project lays out a comprehensive strategy for combating global poverty, hunger and disease. With an investment of just 0.5 % of their incomes, the industrialized countries can cut extreme poverty in half by 2015 but they have to act right now.


The Vanishing Corporate Profits Tax (August 2004)

The global economy allows transnational corporations to minimize their tax obligations. As a result, states suffer diminished tax incomes leading to lower social expenditures. This article suggests two remedies; one within the nation state the creation of a unitary tax - and the other through a new global tax jurisdiction, which would enable a global development fund. (Transnational Institute)


African Stock Exchanges Attractive For Investors, Experts Tell Wall Street (April 16, 2003)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is trying to convince Wall Street investment managers that trading on African stock exchanges not only benefits the region, it also makes financial sense. The UNDP released a handbook with comprehensive data and market information on all 18 African stock exchanges.


Not Just Aid, But Stronger International Coordination Needed to Defeat Poverty (September 28, 2002)

The UN asks the World Bank and the IMF to follow up on goals set at the Conference on Financing for Development in Monterrey, calling for an international framework "to mediate a stable, effective and adequate transfer of real resources to developing countries". (United Nations)


Financing Development through Redistribution (September 2001)

This paper argues that only a global redistribution of wealth and power can create the conditions for poverty reduction, and proposes ways of financing development. More specifically, the authors call for debt cancellation, the introduction of a currency transaction tax and increasing official development assistance to 0.7 % of GNP. (CIDSE and Caritas Internationalis)


Developing Countries and the New Financial Architecture (November 30, 2000)

This report evaluates the international financial system from the perspective of developing countries. It discusses measures for prevention of international financial crises and makes proposals for improving the financial architecture. (Institute for Development Studies)


Financing for Development Issues for a South Agenda (April 1999)

"In order to address developing countries' problems regarding the financing of their development, there is a need to consider not only financing intended for development, but also debt burden, commodity prices and the terms of trade, as well as problems associated with international financial flows to developing countries whose prime purpose is not necessarily their development. These all affect the capacity of developing countries to finance their development." (South Centre)

Financing International Development (October 1999)

This article from the North-South Institute is excerpted from an address to the annual meeting of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, held in El Salvador. It analyzes the pros and cons of different forms of financial investment/aid for developing countries.

UN Looks to Donors for Aid (September 9, 1999)

An article from the Chronicle of Philanthropy about UN agencies' initiatives to obtain private funds. Discusses criticisms of these efforts and related issues such as financing for development and the UN's corporate ties.

Ambassador S.R. Insanally on Financing for Development (September 1999)

In an editorial published in the Journal of the Group of 77, Ambassador Insanally of Guyana emphasizes the importance of financing for development and calls for continuing dialogue and cooperation between the G8, the G77 and other nations.

Retiring AID Head Vents Frustration (June 30, 1999)

Upon stepping down as head of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), J. Brian Atwood spoke out about the Republican controlled Congress' neglect of the Global South, worldwide income disparity and US arrears to the UN.

Stop Dozing and Give Us a Globalization Summit (June 10, 1999)

Piece by John Sewell and Michael McDowell - of Washington's Overseas Development Council - reiterating President Jacques Chirac's call for a global summit to discuss reform of the world economic system.

Secretary General's Letter to the G8 in Advance of June Summit (May 26, 1999)

UN Press Release "calls for increased growth [and] response to needs of poor."

Financing For Development Most Critical Issue For Developing Nations (April 1999)

An article from Journal of the Group of 77 highlights financing for development and calls on the Bretton Woods institutions to work with the UN to address poverty in the Global South.

Heads of Bretton Woods Institutions Meet with ECOSOC at the UN (April 26, 1999)

UN Press Release. Topics to include recovery of emerging markets and global financial architecture.

Capital Flows, Crises, and the Private Sector (March 1, 1999)

Remarks by Michel Camdessus, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, to the Institute of International Bankers in Washington, D.C.

Higher Profile for UN Economic Talks (January-February 1999)

UN Development Update article discussing Annan's priority to bring UN's voice into world economic decision-making.

G-7 Plan for Financial Reform: What It Means for the UN (January-February 1999)

The role of the UN as forum for finance for development.

G-77 Chairman Calls for Reform of International Monetary System (1999)

Article from the Journal of the Group of 77 discussing a speech given by Foreign Minister Clement Rohee of Guyana, the new chairman of the Group of 77.


Secretary-General Says Gap Between "What We Are Asked to Do and Are Able to Do is Widening" (November 3, 1998)

Kofi Annan's opening statement to 1998 development activities pledging conferences, stressing link between declines in donor funding and the growing need for development co-operation.

Assembly Hears Calls for Increased Foreign Direct Investment (October 27, 1998)

GA discussion focused around capacity building in Africa, foreign debt relief and assistance; examining the outcomes of the implementation of the United Nations New Agenda for the Development of Africa in the 1990s.

Bretton Woods and UN Move Closer (Fall 1998)

Article from UN Development Update on relationship between UN and the Bretton Woods institutions. Hopes that Financing for Development consultation could be a "Bretton Woods II".

ECOSOC High-Level Policy Dialogue (July 6, 1998)

Statement by Mr. Rubens Ricupero, Secretary-General of UNCTAD

Financing for Development: The Dynamics of the Changed Context, The Challenge for South-North Collaboration (June 1998)

Briefing by Dr. Irfan Ul Haque of the South Center at the 2nd Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, highlighting some of the issues that need to be tackled to foster South-North cooperation.

A Letter from the IMF to Ambassador Oscar de Rojas (May 13, 1998)

A letter from J.B. Zulu, the IMF's Special Representative to the United Nations, to Ambassador Oscar de Rojas that comments on some of the more controversial issues covered in the series of briefings that have been organized.

Intervention During the Workshop on Globalization (May 6, 1998)

A strong statement by Ambassador Oscar de Rojas, Chairman of the Second Committee, about the implications of the 'paradigm of globalization.'

Financing for Development a Critical Issue for G-77 Countries (May 1998)

Article from the Journal of the Group of 77.

Governance of the International Financial System and Institutions: Some Latin American Perspectives (April 2, 1998)

Briefing by Dr. Manuela Tortora, Director of Economic Relations, Permanent Secretariat of the Latin American Economic System (SELA), at the 2nd Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, highlighting some of the priorities for Latin America.

Key Elements and Potential Sources of Financing for Development (March 24, 1998)

Papers by the Member States of the Second Committee outlining key elements that might be included in consideration of financing for development compiled during the 52nd and 53rd meetings.

Statements by Member States Before the Resumed Fifty-Second Session of the Second Committee (March 19, 1998)

Official statements by member states on the High-Level International Intergovernmental Consideration on Financing for Development.

Preparations Begin for Event on Financing for Development (Feb-April 1998)

An article from the UN Non-Governmental Liason Service's newsletter summarizing the proceedings thus far.

International Finance and the United Nations (1998)

A paper by Ambassador Oscar De Rojas about the role of the United Nations in international financial questions from a new United Nations publication entitled International Finance and Developing Countries in a Year of Crisis.

Financing for Sustainable Development and the Role of the UN (July 1998)

"The Coffers are Not Empty" - a policy paper by James Paul (GPF) and Jens Martens (WEED) that seeks to outline the recent trends of financing for development and to formulate a few recommendations for further studies and activities of the UN.


Global Partnership for Development (December 18, 1997)

The General Assembly resolution that decided to revive the topic of financing for development once again. Of interest also are resolutions 46/205 (Dec 20, 1991) and 48/187 (Dec 21, 1993) when the convening of a conference was discussed previously.

A Conference on Finance and Development? (October 15, 1997)

A briefing by Professor Helleiner about the possible significance of the twice-postponed UN conference on the financing of development.

Where Are We in UN Discussions of Finance for Development? (April 23, 1997)

An informal paper by Barry Herman of DESA written at the request of some members of the G-77 about the current status of the financing for development debate at the UN.



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