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UN Finance

Here we collect some of our older and out-of-date tables and charts. These cannot be updated anymore for a variety of reasons, the chief one being that the sources that they rest upon were only one-time publications. But they still hold some valuable information, and that is why we preserve them for posterity on this page.


Cash Flow for the UN Combined General Fund: 1991-1995 - Graph
Line graph showing the month-by-month cash position of the UN Regular Budget, including two reserve funds totalling about $250 million. The serious deterioration in late 1995 is very evident. Another Graph includes a forecast, made in February 1996 of activity through the end of that year. Fortunately this forecast proved too pessimistic.

Regular Budget Cash Flow Forecast for 1996 - Table or Graph
A UN projection made in early February 1996. Though actual cash flow income was different, this forecast is interesting in showing the way money flows in and out of the regular budget. It also illustrates the bleak financial outlook in early 1996.

Member States Owing More Than Current Year's Regular Budget Assessment: 1986-1995 - Graph
Bar graph showing the number of UN members seriously overdue over a ten year period. The number rises steadily.

Assessments vs. Payments - Peacekeeping Budget: 1990-1995-Graph
A graph showing peacekeeping assessments relative to the payments made.

Peacekeeping Spending in Relation to Total Core Budget: 1990-1997- Table or Graph
Shows Peacekeeping budgets 1990-1997 and their relation to regular budgets and totals.

US Citizens' Direct Contributions to the UN: 1995-1996 - Table or Graph
Shows sums paid to the UN by US citizens as a protest against US debts. These sums increased very rapidly from November through May, then declined.



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