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Top Ten Providers of Assessed Contributions to UN Budgets


Top Ten Providers of Assessed Contributions to United Nations Budgets and of Voluntary Contributions to United Nations Funds, Programmes and Agencies, Including the Standing Peacebuilding Fund

United Nations


Explanatory Notes: from the United Nations

1. Resolution A/60/180 requests the Secretary General to compile a list of the top ten providers of assessed and voluntary financial contributions to the United Nations, based on the average annual contributions in the previous three calendar years. Following the circulation of an initial list on 13 January, the President of the General Assembly requested the Secretariat to supplement this list with additional data in order to provide a more comprehensive picture on financial contributions to the UN.

2. The above summary is based on 28 different data streams from a total of 22 UN entities and includes the following categories: UN Budget, UN General Funds, FAO, ILO, WHO, UNESCO, UNDP, UNDP administered (UNV, UNCDF, UNIFEM), UN-HABITAT, UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNFPA, UNRWA, UNAIDS, IFAD, UNODC, IAEA, UNIDO and WMO. This list reflects virtually all significant financial contributions to the UN, amounting to more than US$ 33 billion for the ten top contributors over the three year period. A few smaller agencies and Trust Funds administered in the field could not be included, given the limited time and data availability. A gap of US$ 650 m separates the 11th largest donor from the 10th largest. As provided for in resolution A/60/180, any contributions received towards the Peacebuilding Fund as of 1 February 2006, have been included.

3. It is recognized that contributions from the European Community constitute a significant source of financial support to the United Nations. The following figures provide an indication for the level of funding received from the European Community, in addition to the direct contributions from its member countries: US$ 457m in 2002; US$ 572m in 2003 and US$ 822m in 2004.



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