Global Policy Forum

Conferences on Security Council Reform


GPF has been a part of Security Council Reform Discussion since it was founded. It has hosted conferences on the subject and summaries of the events can be found below.

"A European Seat in the UN Security Council?" (May 23-25, 2011)

This conference focused on the regional dimensions of Security Council reform, and specifically the possibility of a European Seat on the UN Security Council. It was especially timely as it was just a few weeks after the historic vote in the General Assembly giving the European delegation full observer status. Unlike previous GPF conferences on the topic, this conference took place in Brussels and included a trip to the European Parliament to present the ideas generated during the discussions.

Conference on Reform of the Security Council (April 21, 1997)

This conference took place in New York and featured the following speakers: Ambassador Razali Ismail (UN General Assembly President), Ambassador Michael Powles of New Zealand, Catherine Dumait-Haper of Doctors Without Borders, Ambassador Paolo Fulci of Italy, and Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies.

"Reforming the Security Council" (May 23, 1994)

This early conference on Security Council Reform featured speakers from the UN, Missions and NGO's. Transcripts are provided for each of the speakers' statements.


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